Jul 26 2011

It’s Official: Hell to Freeze Over on October 4th

It is with tears of joy that I bring you the following news:

When I’m finally holding this in my sweaty, Ben Savage-lovin’ hands, this will mean that over a decade of waiting has come to an end.  Whatever will I do with myself now?

Feb 10 2011

TRON: Legacy’s Legacy

It’s no secret that we really dug Disney’s TRON: Legacy. Sure, it didn’t make either of our top films of 2010 lists, but it was definitely one of last year’s highlights.

Which brings us to the DVD/Blu-ray release…or I should say, the DVD/Blu-ray/Digital/Blu-ray 3D/DVD+Blu-Ray/DVD+Blu-ray+Digital/DVD+Blu-ray+Digital+Blu-ray 3D/DVD+Blu-ray+TRON release.  That’s right, Disney, known for overkill releasing style, plans to drop a staggering nine versions of TRON: Legacy on home video, two of which will feature a bare bones version of the original TRON.  The only thing missing is a laser disc version.

While I’m all about variety, this is mostly ridiculous.  It would be one thing if you were getting something different on each disc, but how many formats do you really need the same film on?

Although I will admit that this is kinda awesome…

More info on each version over at IGN.

Feb 8 2011

About. Freakin’. Time.

We live in a world where an official Boy Meets World site can be found on Facebook.  Yesterday this world announced the following news for May 3rd:

That is all, bitches.

Nov 29 2010

Upcoming MST3K box set is friend to all children


MSTies rejoice! Shout Factory has announced, via Satellite News, that they will release a five-disc box containing every Gamera episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Why is this news? Because the guy who brought those movies to America, Sandy Frank, has long blocked DVD distribution of the MST3K versions.

The going theory has been that Frank didn’t take too kindly to the way Joel and the bots personally lambasted him on the show, but according to Badass Digest, it was just a matter of money. Either way, Frank’s stake in the films has expired and the big fire-breathing turtle is finally flying into your home. As Badass points out, this could mean that more MST3K versions of Sandy Frank owned films could be on the way, like Time of the Apes, Mighty Jack, and the Fugitive Alien movies.

Nov 5 2010

Warner Bros. Making it Even Harder for You to Watch Movies from Warner Bros.


Under the new plan, Netflix will only get the movie after at least one lead actor has died.

So, Warner Bros. (and other studios) have been experimenting with a month-long wait before new DVD releases hit Netflix. Apparently, that’s been a success because Gizmodo says that the company is thinking of making the wait even longer.

Obviously, the idea is that if you have to wait for a movie to show up on Netflix, you may break down and just go buy it.  Which, in my mind, makes absolutely no sense.  Maybe I don’t consume movies in the same way others do, but if you were really chomping at the bit to see a movie, so much so that you can’t wait four weeks to get it for (essentially) free from Netflix, then why did you wait four months for the DVD instead of just going to the theater?

The wait period may be convincing some folks who were on the fence to just bite the bullet and buy.  I admit I’ve done it when I wanted to see a movie at a very specific time (like for a Halloween party.)  But I can’t imagine that’s a huge number of people.  In fact, I’m more inclined to believe that the planned increase is an attempt to save a bad idea, rather than make a good one more profitable.  Am I wrong?  Anyone out there ever bought a DVD because they couldn’t rent it yet?

Oct 12 2010

Futurama You Didn’t Watch Now Watchable

Did you watch any of the new episodes of Futurama?  I ended up hearing mixed things.  Ryan liked it.  Some fat guy I carpool with hated it.  But the feeling I got from most people was sort of a “I could care less” vibe. 

Now you can care less on DVD and Blu-ray starting in December.  According to IGN, Futurama Vol.5, the first set to contain the new episodes, is heading your way on December 21st.  This is (barely) just in time for X’mas, which is great news as it means I don’t have to pay for something that may very well end up sucking.  

Oh, and IGN is also telling me that the set is going to “span two discs”.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the other sets have four or five?  Was the new season really that short?  Hmmm.

Compliment or complain about the new Futurama season in our comment section below.

Sep 21 2010

Community for Your Eyes and Ears Today!

Did you remember to buy your Community season 1 DVD set today?  You’ve only got a couple of days to watch all 25 episodes before season 2 premieres on Thursday.  Better get to work!

In addition to the first season release, it’s worth noting for all of you Community diehards out there that today is also the release date for the season 1 soundtrack.  Unlike most television soundtracks that feature incidental and background music, the Community album is notable for containing every song the cast performed this past season.  Tracks of interest include rockin’ party classics like “Pierce You Are a B”, three tracks from Chevy, Troy and Abed’s rendition of “Somewhere Out There”, and the full-length version of The 88’s Community theme.  Check out Amazon and iTunes for more info.

Off to watch season 1!  Happy Community week, kids! 

Sep 16 2010

Follow-Up: When This Boy Meets DVD

Suitable for framing

Did you remember to buy Boy Meets World seasons 1 to 3 on September 7th?  Well, if you didn’t then somebody did, as Lionsgate is going ahead with their plans to release season 4!  TVShowsOnDVD.com is reporting that all 22 episodes from the never before released season (see full story here) are arriving on December 7th.  That’s just in time for you to buy it for me!

Until then, why not catch up by buying seasons 1 through 3 on Amazon for only 12 bucks each?  That’s 67 episodes for less than 40 bucks, kids!

(Thanks to CE! reader Todd for the tip)

Aug 10 2010

When This Boy Meets DVD

Little known fact: Before they hit the big time with CriticalEnd.com, Logan Lee and Ryan DiGiorgi served as presidents of the Boy Meets World fan club at their high school.  Sure, the hours were long, the pay meager, and the nights dateless, but they had a dream: To spread their love of the TGIF show to the masses by acting out a full episode every Friday during lunch hour.  Many love it, but most just thought they were gay.

A decade after it left the air, Boy Meets World is still one of the few shows not to see a full release on DVD.  A few years back, Disney, who then owned the rights under ABC, released seasons 1 to 3 to mostly lackluster sales.  Season 4 (the first season where the show really became aware of itself, thus funnier) was given a street date and even box art, but then dropped shortly after.  Disney finally realized that they could make more money by selling the show to another company.

And so Lionsgate ended up owning the complete Boy Meets World catalog.  Yes, we’re talking about the same Lionsgate that built it’s empire around the Saw films.  For a while nothing happened, but then a few months ago Lionsgate announced a re-release of seasons 1 to 3 (long out of print), and just a few days ago posted on Twitter a possible release date for the long awaited season 4.  Let’s hope they get around to the rest soon.

So what does all of this mean to you?  Nothing unless you’re a big fan of the show, or one of those people who won’t be happy until everything is on DVD or Blu-Ray.  Or you’re gay.  I’m just a fan, that’s all.  Swear. 

*shifty eyes*

There is a distinct possibility that I may have this framed above my bed.


Mar 30 2010

75 Years of Whatever We Had Lying Around


"You magnificent bastard, I saw your movie!"

So, Fox is releasing special editions of some of its classic films on Blu-ray and DVD to celebrate its 75th Anniversary.  I’m all for this, especially for classics like The Day the Earth Stood Still and Butch Cassidy, but the more you look into the selection, the more the veneer of class washes away, revealing the old coat of “marketing ploy” underneath.  Ice AgeWalk the Line?  That movie’s less than five years old, is it a classic already?

Eh, who cares, just buy the ones you like.  The folks who should really be pissed are owners of the Alien Quadrilogy box set, who now have to buy a new edition of Alien.  One day, scientists will perfect whatever instruments we use to determine when a disc is truly the “definitive edition”.