Jun 15 2011

Critical End! (The Podcast) #95: Synchronize Our Watch


REVIEWED: Super 8. Insert joke about smoke monster here. PLUS: Please turn down your lung machine when the previews end.

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Apr 26 2011

Come Closer. I Can’t Hear You. Closer…

What’s that you say? Your old pal Logan so called the fact that Josh Holloway is playing a mysterious cowboy on the May 5th Community finale?  That’s right, I did.  And as proof, here’s a little teaser for you ladies:

TV Guide has more info, the most interesting news being that Josh is huge pals with Chevy and couldn’t wait to work with him again.  Of course, I already knew this, however, because most people seem to be under the impression that Chevy is some sort of asshole that nobody likes, I’m sure they’ll find it shocking.

Apr 7 2011

Community to go all Sergio Leone on us

I haven’t really looked into this too much, but Zap2it.com, a website which I wouldn’t normally frequent due to it’s insane amount of pop-ups, is reporting that the upcoming Community paintball 2-part finale is going to be an homage to the Italian western. 

Allow me to share the same thought about this episode that I shared a few weeks back: Yawn.

It was already nearing my sleepy time when I read they were doing another paintball episode, but to now hear that it’s going to pay tribute to spaghetti westerns is nearly the equivalent of popping some Ambien. Is this not a genre that has been parodied to death already? 

I still love the show and think it’s one of the best on TV, but at some point in season 2 they lost track of developing their characters and decided to focus more on outrageous plots.  Does anybody recall that Shirley was a business major or that Annie’s life plan was to transfer to a University after two years? If so, maybe you should be writing for Community.

The finale airs on May 12th.

Mar 3 2011

Guess what? Community.

It’s Thursday, which means that it’s time to check in with Community.  While we weren’t huge fans of the last episode (I think Ryan pegged it when he described it as seeming somewhat like fan fic), the rest of the web has already moved on and is already abuzz with news of the mid-May season 2 finale. 

The cast and crew are promoting it as a “sequel” to the infamous paintball episode, which I find somewhat yawn inducing.  Doing more paintball at this point seems too easy.  Wake me when it’s over.  Oh, what’s that?  Lost‘s Josh Holloway is going to be in it as a sexy cowboy?  Okay, Community!  Ya got me! 

This poster may or may not be above my bed.

via movieweb

May 27 2010

Six Years Worth of Questions in 4 Minutes and 40 Seconds

I promise this is going to be the last time I complain about anything Lost related (that is unless I get around to reviewing the entire show some day), but here are the remaining questions I have for the show, presented in easy to follow video form.

That is all.

May 18 2010

Watching “Lost”? Sucker.

Hey kids, you know what really sucked?  Last weeks episode of Lost.  And for once I’m not the only person who’s calling the show out for it.  Not only have we finally started to realize that all of our biggest questions are never going to be answered, but producers/head writers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have decided that they have no obligation at all to really answer their own questions.  Guys, it’s one thing for your show to be badly written, but it’s another when you start acting like you’re too awesome for your own audience.  (I’m looking at you, ““Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.”)

So, what would I have done different with last weeks episode, besides telling an actual story and never making the episode in the first place?  Luckily, CHUD is here once again to tackle this issue for me.

The last episode before the finale airs tonight at some time on ABC.  At this point I think I’m just watching to say I watched it.      

Feb 23 2010

Island Hopping

It's like "Shutter Island", but without the Northern accents.

Tomorrow on the podcast you’ll get to hear our thoughts on this week’s box-office hit Shutter Island.  Best start warming up those mp3 players!  Until then, plan on spending some time on the only island that’s even more mysterious on tonight’s all new Lost!  Get caught up by checking out IGN’s excellent article on what the numbers might mean.

See you tomorrow!

Feb 12 2010

Pre-Order Some Answers!

So far, the final season of Lost has me somewhat torn.  On one hand, I’m disappointed in the lousy new characters (am I supposed to want to punch Dogen and Lennon in the face?) and let down by the sloppy writing (see: “What Kate Does”), but on the other hand: Last season of Lost!  Aghhhh!

Meanwhile, did you know that they’ve already announced the DVD/Blu-Ray/Complete Series release dates?  I guess Disney thinks that after all of the hoopla for the final season is said and done people will quickly forget about it if they don’t rush it out.  You can find all of the news you need to know (including a sneak at the special features) right here.  What you won’t find is the cover art.  This is all they’re giving us, which in typical Lost fashion, looks like a clue of some sort:

Any thoughts from you Lost nerds on what this is supposed to be?

Jan 14 2010

4 8 15 16 23 42

Assuming Obama doesn’t end up interrupting it with the State of the Union address (boring!), need I remind you that we’re less than a month away from the final season of Lost?  Who’s excited?  Anybody?  Hello?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Well, nevertheless, here’s a fun little promo from last summer’s Comic-Con that maybe even you non-hardcore fans (how can you be a non-hardcore fan of Lost?) may enjoy.  Then you should head over to E! and read the minutes from the cast and crew Liveblog on Tuesday.  LESS THAN A MONTH!