Pre-Order Some Answers!

So far, the final season of Lost has me somewhat torn.  On one hand, I’m disappointed in the lousy new characters (am I supposed to want to punch Dogen and Lennon in the face?) and let down by the sloppy writing (see: “What Kate Does”), but on the other hand: Last season of Lost!  Aghhhh!

Meanwhile, did you know that they’ve already announced the DVD/Blu-Ray/Complete Series release dates?  I guess Disney thinks that after all of the hoopla for the final season is said and done people will quickly forget about it if they don’t rush it out.  You can find all of the news you need to know (including a sneak at the special features) right here.  What you won’t find is the cover art.  This is all they’re giving us, which in typical Lost fashion, looks like a clue of some sort:

Any thoughts from you Lost nerds on what this is supposed to be?

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