Feb 13 2012

Whitney Houston Died for Your Sins!

If the world lost anything when Michael Jackson died, it was its sense of humor.

I can hear you now:  “How dare he!  Just who does he think he is?!  A big jerk, that’s who I think he is!  Logan Lee?  Sounds like a jerk name to me, the lame jerky jerk pants!”

Are you done?  Good.  Because, truth be told, you know I’m right.  I had friends who were cracking Michael Jackson jokes with the best of them one day, then praising him for everything short of inventing Eggies the next.  How did this guy go from being that weird, used-to-be-black-but-I-swear-I-just-turned-this-shade-of-white-pedaphile one day, to being somebody that never did any wrong the next?  Listen, I’m all for remembering Jackson fondly, but let’s not forget that he was fucking crazy.

Which is why I’m kicking off my official remembrance of Whitney (or as I like to call it: “RIP Whitney Houston: Memories of a Fucking Crazy Broad”), with the one thing that I thought of as soon as I heard about her untimely death.

Goodbye, Whitney.  May you live on forever in the YouTube clips of our hearts.

Jun 3 2011

Robert Rodriguez Continues Spiral into Mediocrity

Ya know, Robert Rodriguez, when you made only one film exclusively for your kids, I was mostly able to ignore it.  Six films, however, is a different story.  I mean, the hell?  How do you keep getting funding for this shit?  Besides, aren’t your kids in college now?  Shouldn’t you be making an all Mexican cast, 3D version of Animal House for them or something?

Anyway, let’s take a look at (gag) Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, shall we? (throws up)

Talking dogs, Jessica Alba, and the use of fucking “4D”?  What is that exactly, Rodriguez?  Are you going to pay ushers to come into the theater and throw fake dog poo in my face?  While you’re at it, why not pay them to apologize for your carrer post-Desperado?

And while I’m complaining, what’s up with your career, Joel McHale?  Community has proven that you can act, so why are you skipping to the end of Chevy Chase’s career by jumping into family films that require no acting ability?

Ok.  I’m done.  Sorry.

Feb 24 2011

Community in GQ

Despite the fact that rumors of it’s cancellation are looming, GQ got the Community guys (along with a few other male cast members from shows like Skins that will most likely be on for years to come) together for a quick photo.

And let me just say that this may be the greatest thing I’ve seen all year.  I’d like to order thirty prints please, GQ.

Sep 20 2010

Community Goes Claymationy for Christmas Episode


Man, this show just keeps catering to me more and more. It wasn’t enough to bring Chevy Chase and Joel McHale together in one half hour block of funny, now they’re upping the ante by announcing that this season will feature a stop-motion Christmas episode, presumably as an homage to the Rankin-Bass claymation specials of old.  Expect Abed to be referred to as a “misfit toy” at least once.

This news is even more exciting in that it marks one of very few times we’ve seen Chevy do an animated character.  He did the American version of Doogal a while back, and a few guest voices here and there, but it’s never been a major chunk of his career.  Which is a shame, since Fletch would have made an AWESOME animated series.  Imagine a cartoon Fletch strutting to this theme song and tell me I’m wrong…

Thanks to reader Todd for the tip!

Aug 4 2010

Chevy wants more funny


And I’m with him.  I’m mostly posting this because I can’t believe Chevy Chase was at Comic-Con.  It’s like all of my loves are converging.  In fact I tried to come up with a joke about how Comic-Con could cater further to my specific desires, but I kept coming up with things that already take place at Comic-Con.  Doctor Who discussions and playing a lot of video games?  Covered.

[Via MovieWeb]

May 20 2010

“Community” Finale to Feature Fletch!

Okay, well not really…unless you believe Chevy’s line in the clip below…which I don’t…(but how I wish!)

Anyway, the Community finale airs tonight, and while I’m not excited that the writers feel the need to get back to the Jeff/Britta relationship (although it made Entertainment Weekly’s #1 “must” this week), this is a show that we’ve been talking about since the beginning, so I feel somewhat obligated to remind you about it.

Oh, screw it- I just wanted to post a clip of Chevy saying the word “Fletch”.  You got me.

Oct 23 2009

Last one. I swear.

Listen, I promise I’ll stop talking about Community as soon as it becomes a huge hit and I’m forced to read intensely personal details about the entire casts life in every new issue of People.  Until then, if you ever needed a reason to watch it, I give you this nearly perfect comedy moment from the upcoming Halloween episode, featuring Chevy Chase as The Beastmaster.  Yes, you read that right.

The only thing that could even come remotely close to topping that?  Chevy and Joel insulting each other:

Thursdays at 8.  Be there.

Sep 23 2009

Critical Hit! #2: Community


Chevy Chase has returned to television in Community, and Logan and Ryan are ready to blather on about it.  But in the spirit of the Critical Hit, we keep it short.

Download it.


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Sep 15 2009

Reminder: “Community” to Rock Your Socks

Hey kids, this is just a friendly reminder to set those VCRs (seriously, does anybody do that any more?) and be sure to catch the series premiere of Community this Thursday at 9:30/8:30c.  Ryan and I will release a Critical Hit! of our thoughts soon after, and wouldn’t it be nice to actually know what we were talking about for once?

Aug 3 2009

The Return of Chevy Chase



You know what? It’s time to take back comedy, damn it. No longer will we allow Hollywood to force feed us whatever mediocre new film Judd Apatow is producing! No longer will we listen to any Radiohead listening, PBR sucking hipster explain the brilliance of Bill Murray! It’s time to take a stand! You hear me people?! Who’s with me? LET’S GO!


Well, if there’s anybody still reading, that time has come. And by “that time” I mean the return of one Mr. Cornelius Crane Chase. A second coming has been predicted for some time now (your pals here at Critical End! are still trying to figure out why Vegas Vacation didn’t work like it was supposed to), and it looks like it’s going to come from both your TV and local cinema. Take that, Murray!

First off, if you haven’t heard of Community yet, you obviously haven’t been hanging out with me for the past six months. Check out this NBC promo for the scoop. It’s packed with lots of Chevy goodness!

That’s a start in the right direction! But I know you…now you’re thinking, “Gee, Logan, that’s swell and all, but where’s the R-rated Chevy that I’ve heard tale of? Also, you’re ever so handsome.” Whoa. Settle down there, ladies. For those of you who want to see Chevy return to his R-rated roots, check out this teaser for Hot Tub Time Machine!

Granted, Chevy is no where to be seen in this teaser, but do you really want to turn down the chance to see John Cusack and Chevy in the same movie? I think not!

Let the comedy revolution begin!

May 9 2009

UPDATE: Logan Lee to Wet Pants

Some of you may recall my open letter to NBC back in March about the fate of a certain new show starring the absolute dream cast of Chevy Chase and Joel McHale. Today I am proud to report that this wonderful show, or Community as the gods have so named it, is now a reality. Let there be dancing in the streets.

Since IMDB doesn’t have a listing for it yet, the only info I have found is a short two line summary on this site. Don’t bother clicking on it, as here’s the best part:

Needless to say, I think I just peed a little. Is it too soon to declare this the greatest show ever? I think not.