Jun 4 2010


I was really just looking for an excuse to post a Stella clip…but on a serious note, if you play this video before you go out tonight, I guarantee that you’ll have a much more awesome Friday night.*

*not a guarantee.  okay, well…kinda.

Apr 13 2009

Critical End! (The Podcast) #9: A Rudding


The Critical End! Zoo Crew (R) takes you on a fantastic voyage through the filmography of Paul Rudd, ending on his latest work, I Love You, Man.

Download it.


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Mar 21 2009

Follow Up: David Wain Still Too Cool For School

Some of you may recall that David Wain and I had a rather messy break-up back here. Things were said that we both regret. Luckily, we both believe in happy endings (combined with drunken one night stands), which is why I’m happy to announce that Wain and I are now back together!

In other words: Wain is not directing Little Fockers.

CHUD stole all of the really good jokes about this, so check out the full story here. Meanwhile, our next podcast should be up soon, so why not stay in this weekend and refresh this site until you see it? Just a thought…

Mar 9 2009

More Wain News For You to Ignore

david-wain03Well, it had to happen: A few days after I post on here about how super cool amazing awesome David Wain is, Hollywood had to go and kill all of my dreams yet again. It seems that his name is now attached as the possible director of the next chapter in the Meet the Parents saga, the highly groan worthy Little Fockers. Do you get the title joke yet? In case you missed it with the second sequel, Meet the Fockers, the word “Fockers” sounds a whole lot like a certain dirty word! Which one? Ass, I think.

Anyway, nothing is set in stone yet, but I was upset enough to feel the need to get the word out. For now let’s just ignore all of this and concentrate on the good Wain news of the week: Role Models is on DVD tomorrow! Hot Dog! Wain, you goofy lug! I can’t stay made at you!

Mar 4 2009

I Enjoy Long Walks On the Beach, Thai Food, and Wainy Days

Love The State/Stella’s David Wain? Live in or around New York City? Trying to get a role in one of those hot NYC shows but the Sex in the City casting director said you weren’t “hip” enough? (That’s one casting director who will rue the day they turned down Logan Lee, esq.)

Then has David Wain got a part for you! Granted, it’s as an extra, and you apparently need to be a goofy “out there party type”, but this is your chance to chat with Wain and tell him how much you enjoyed that one scene in Wet Hot American Summer. Yeah, you know the one……classic. Anyway, follow the link if you’re interested and make sure you let us know all about the experience.

No clue what Wainy Days is? Start getting excited about the new season by watching this: