I Enjoy Long Walks On the Beach, Thai Food, and Wainy Days

Love The State/Stella’s David Wain? Live in or around New York City? Trying to get a role in one of those hot NYC shows but the Sex in the City casting director said you weren’t “hip” enough? (That’s one casting director who will rue the day they turned down Logan Lee, esq.)

Then has David Wain got a part for you! Granted, it’s as an extra, and you apparently need to be a goofy “out there party type”, but this is your chance to chat with Wain and tell him how much you enjoyed that one scene in Wet Hot American Summer. Yeah, you know the one……classic. Anyway, follow the link if you’re interested and make sure you let us know all about the experience.

No clue what Wainy Days is? Start getting excited about the new season by watching this:

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