Community to go all Sergio Leone on us

I haven’t really looked into this too much, but, a website which I wouldn’t normally frequent due to it’s insane amount of pop-ups, is reporting that the upcoming Community paintball 2-part finale is going to be an homage to the Italian western. 

Allow me to share the same thought about this episode that I shared a few weeks back: Yawn.

It was already nearing my sleepy time when I read they were doing another paintball episode, but to now hear that it’s going to pay tribute to spaghetti westerns is nearly the equivalent of popping some Ambien. Is this not a genre that has been parodied to death already? 

I still love the show and think it’s one of the best on TV, but at some point in season 2 they lost track of developing their characters and decided to focus more on outrageous plots.  Does anybody recall that Shirley was a business major or that Annie’s life plan was to transfer to a University after two years? If so, maybe you should be writing for Community.

The finale airs on May 12th.

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