Community for Your Eyes and Ears Today!

Did you remember to buy your Community season 1 DVD set today?  You’ve only got a couple of days to watch all 25 episodes before season 2 premieres on Thursday.  Better get to work!

In addition to the first season release, it’s worth noting for all of you Community diehards out there that today is also the release date for the season 1 soundtrack.  Unlike most television soundtracks that feature incidental and background music, the Community album is notable for containing every song the cast performed this past season.  Tracks of interest include rockin’ party classics like “Pierce You Are a B”, three tracks from Chevy, Troy and Abed’s rendition of “Somewhere Out There”, and the full-length version of The 88’s Community theme.  Check out Amazon and iTunes for more info.

Off to watch season 1!  Happy Community week, kids! 

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