Mar 30 2010

75 Years of Whatever We Had Lying Around


"You magnificent bastard, I saw your movie!"

So, Fox is releasing special editions of some of its classic films on Blu-ray and DVD to celebrate its 75th Anniversary.  I’m all for this, especially for classics like The Day the Earth Stood Still and Butch Cassidy, but the more you look into the selection, the more the veneer of class washes away, revealing the old coat of “marketing ploy” underneath.  Ice AgeWalk the Line?  That movie’s less than five years old, is it a classic already?

Eh, who cares, just buy the ones you like.  The folks who should really be pissed are owners of the Alien Quadrilogy box set, who now have to buy a new edition of Alien.  One day, scientists will perfect whatever instruments we use to determine when a disc is truly the “definitive edition”.