Critical End! (The Podcast) #76: The Worst Zookeeper Ever


Bring in the logic probe! REVIEWED: Tron, Tron: Legacy.

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2 Responses to “Critical End! (The Podcast) #76: The Worst Zookeeper Ever”

  • Evan Says:

    I can’t believe you guys liked this movie. Not only did it have a plot that made no sense, some of the dumbest characters I’ve ever seen on film and terrible dialog, but it also completely ruined the computer conceit of the original by abandoning the program/user relationship. Now I hate computers. Thanks a lot, Tron.

  • Ryan Says:

    I’d say the computer/user relationship was pretty tenuous in the first one. It’s not like Alan was controlling Tron directly, at least that wasn’t my impression. So there’s nothing to say they can’t operate independently of any users, which they haven’t had since Jeff Bridges disappeared. It’s really not any dumber than Tron was.