Adam Green Announces “Hatchet 3”, Logan to Dance in the Streets

In happier times.

If you look back through the site, you’ll see how excited I was about Hatchet II.  That excitement reached it’s height when AMC pulled the film from all of it’s theaters a few days into it’s theatrical run.  What was so bad-ass about this movie that it couldn’t even be shown in theaters?  They had me.  I bought the DVD the day it hit the shelves (something Irarely do without having seen the film first), and quickly settled in for the amazing holy grail of horror films that would be Hatchet II.

Final thoughts: Eh.

Not only did most of the sequel seem to throw out everything that made the first film so funny, scary, and original, but it also screamed of being shot on video and just overall cheap.  Not to mention that the re-casting of heroine Marybeth was much more distracting that it should have been.  So, yes, I was let down.  But was I ready for another sequel?  Hell, I was already on Fandango trying to pre-order my tickets.

And now Adam Green says it’s going to happen and I fully support him on this.  I always said that Hatchet would work best as a 80’s-ish horror franchise, and I know Green agrees.  Let’s just hope that he cleans up some of the mess he made with Hatchet II.

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