Logan Secretly Running Hollywood


Vigilante justice.

We’ve discussed the possibility before, but after the success (I think) of the recent HomeAway.com short, a new Vacation film is looking more and more likely.  This one supposedly features an adult Rusty, taking his family to Wally World one last time before it closes for good, leading me to wonder if they’ll title it Vacation 5: The Final Vacation.  The rumor is that the studio hopes to bring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo along for the ride.

Now, I love Chevy.  And I love the Vacation movies.  But my question is, would this really be a good idea for Chevy’s career?  He’s just now sneaking his way back into the public consciousness with Community.  Yes, the HomeAway.com thing wasn’t a total failure, but if Chevy returns to one of his 80’s franchises, one that is generally known for lackluster sequels, might this end up being  a step backward in his return to comedy legend status?

I suppose it depends on two things:

  1. The writing, which is reportedly being handled by at least one writer of The Geena Davis Show, so we should be in good hands.
  2. The Rusty.  If Rusty is really taking the lead role here, as the plot rumors indicate, we need an adult actor who can fill the roll of the ever-revolving fruit of Chevy’s loins.  Ryan Reynolds comes to mind, but he’s probably too high profile for a Vacation sequel.  Plus he’ll be busy with Green Lantern and Deadpool.  Same problem with Paul Rudd.  Jason Lee is another Chevy devotee, and since My Name is Earl got canceled, he’s available.  The question is whether or not he’s bankable enough.

Of course this is all moot for me.  They’ve already got my money, as does Hot Tub Time Machine and any other Chevy comedy.  What about you guys?

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