A Few Words on Leslie Nielsen

When I was little, I was the only kid in the world who would ride around the neighborhood on my bike pretending to be Frank Drebin.  I even hummed the Police Squad! theme song for added effect.  Frank was a hero.  He was a tough cop who always got the girl, but I think what really appealed to me at that age was his ability to be a complete buffoon so gracefully.  He didn’t even care.

I grew up watching Leslie Nielsen play the same part in other movies, but like most people, I didn’t care.  I was so enchanted with the man in any role, that it didn’t matter if it was mostly the same role or not.  What mattered was that Nielsen was a genius at what he was doing, and that was making us laugh.      

I didn’t plan to post this today, and honestly, I’m heartbroken to do so.  On behalf of comedy fans all of the world, we’ll miss you, Mr. Nielsen.

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