R.I.P. The Zemeckis Blockbuster

Happier times.

When Robert Zemeckis first announced that he was doing a motion capture remake of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine for Walt Disney Pictures (Kids love stoners), I kind of laughed it off.  “Gee,” I thought.”That guy sure is getting nutty in his old age.”  Now that they’ve actually announced the cast, I’m just now realizing that this wasn’t some elaborate joke and Zemeckis has, for the most part, gone batshit insane.  Does anybody really want another crappy Zemeckis mo-cap film, let alone one that features that nerdy British guy from Harper’s Island as Ringo and Cary Elwes as George?

Zemeckis has always been one of my favorite directors, and for what it’s worth, I stood by him during Polar Express and his mostly nude Beowulf, but this has got to stop.  Do you think the guy even remembers how to make a real movie with actual people?  Raise your hand if you want him to make just one more straight forward adventure-comedy.  Do you see all those hands, Robert?  We all believe that you have at least one classic Hollywood blockbuster left in you.  Give us a call when you decide to make it.

One Response to “R.I.P. The Zemeckis Blockbuster”

  • Ken Says:

    I too believe Zemeckis should make more live action films. The other day I just watched “Romancing The Stone” for the first time, and I thought: “Boy, this is great!”

    However, I think Zemeckis should still make performance capture films, but only once in a while, when he comes up with a great movie idea. Polar Express was magical and adhered nicely to the CG technique. Beowulf was fine too because many scenes would have been impractical in live action… But Christmas Carol????!!! Yellow Submarine???!! And don’t forget, he’s adapting ‘The Nutcracker” in performance capture too!
    Zemeckis should write his OWN story instead of adapting other peoples’ works. (And that goes to the rest of Hollywood too!)