…and Luke Wilson as the White Guy

Remember Death at a Funeral, that Frank Oz sleeper comedy from two years ago?  While I didn’t think it was an amazing film, I did enjoy it as a fun British farce, which is really all it set out to be.  Well, less than two years later somebody in Hollywood thought, “You know what?  I think we should remake that funny little British film…but with black people.”

Needless to say, this REALLYpisses me off.  Not only is the original film close to still being on the “New Release” wall at Blockbuster, but was there something in it that really screamed “Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, and Tracy Morgan vehicle!”?

I’ve decided to put the trailer on here, but let me just save you the trouble of watching it:  It’s literally, and I really, really, REALLY want to stress literally, exact scenes from the original film but with Asian jokes, “Daaaaaaaammmnn”‘s, and Tracy Morgan.


Hollywood, I officially hate you.

5 Responses to “…and Luke Wilson as the White Guy”

  • Olivia Says:

    Yeah, I was furious when I saw this, mainly because Chris Rock was going to get credit for this “hilarity” of this movie rather than the English and Frank Oz.

    As I told you Logan, I would appreciate if Chris Rock wouldnt yell evereything he said at me.

    Boycottng hardcore. Im sure it’s produced by Tyler Perry.

  • Logan Says:

    I almost made the Tyler Perry joke myself. Oh, and I’m joining you on the boycott.

  • Rudra Says:

    Neil Labute directed this. Why god why?

    Also, Peter Dinklage is playing the same character? Are there no black midget actors? However, i’m all for James Marsden.

    i’m conflicted.

  • Cathryn Says:

    I have a word for this: “lolwut”

    It’s just strange and sad that they’ve decided to profit off of a movie made a little over a year ago. Maybe they think it’s going to be like when The Office was stolen from the UK and brought to the US. Or, you know, just a complete lack of creativity and class.

  • Logan Says:

    Of course, I agree with all of this, but in regards to the Peter Dinklage character: Why didn’t they use Tony Cox? (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0185272/) Ever since he played “African-American Leprechaun” in Leprechaun 2 he’ll do just about any black midget role.