Murray Champions Equal Bustin’ Rights for All

One...two...yeah that's everyone.  ACTION!

"One...two...yeah that's everyone. ACTION!"

The same handful of Aykroyd quotes about the third Ghostbusters film have been floating around for a month or two, but this /Film article adds a new wrinkle to the saga. Apparently, Bill Murray finally agreed to do the sequel (after years of refusing) on the condition that Ernie Hudson gets more screen time.

Now, we here at Critical End! are fans of Mr. Hudson, as any right-thinking individual should be. We thrilled at his out-of-nowhere appearance in Dragonball Evolution. But does anyone actually believe that this was the reason Murray was holding out? It’s one thing to go all reverse Steve Martin and start pretending you’re too artsy for any comedy without “A Film By” somewhere on the poster, while somehow deigning to do TWO horrendous CGI Garfield movies. But it’s another thing to claim you’re standing up for your pal by standing in the way of the most high profile job he’s had in years.

To be fair, this info comes secondhand from Aykroyd rather in a statement by Murray himself. But c’mon. Ernie Hudson doesn’t need your charity, Bill. Shut up and go back to making fun movies.


Thumbs up indeed.

Thumbs up indeed.

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