Crank 2? Why the hell not.



Look, I want to see this, okay? I haven’t even seen the first one. But there is something endearing about how ludicrous this film looks.

If it were asking me to take its premise seriously (Jason Statham needs constant jolts of electricity to stay alive while beating the shit out of the guys who stole his artificial heart…maybe?), I would scoff. But it is clearly an action comedy that is in on the joke of its own bat-shit-insanity.

And not like Snakes on a Plane, which was just a terrible movie with a few half-hearted jokes thrown in so they could claim they were being tongue-in-cheek, but a seemingly well constructed parody of action movies that just happens to also have some legitimately kickass action. Think Hot Fuzz but with slightly less marketing behind the funny.

I will very likely be disappointed. But I’m looking forward to it.

[Via I Watch Stuff]

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