Critical End! (The Podcast) #26: Tubular


Do not pass go. Do not collect 100 Nazi scalps. REVIEWED: Inglourious Basterds. PLUS: Does anyone else like Last Action Hero?

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2 Responses to “Critical End! (The Podcast) #26: Tubular”

  • Wes Says:

    It’s not Max von Sydow who comes through the screen in Last Action Hero. It’s Ian McKellen.

    Oh, but you’re saying it’s Ian McKellen playing Max von Sydow’s character. Except that it’s not. von Sydow was the knight. McKellen was Death, who was originally played by Bengt Ekerot.

    If you’d just said that Bengt Ekerot comes through the screen in Last Action Hero, we could have avoided this whole mess.

  • Ryan Says:

    D’oh. I actually did mean to say Ian McKellen, but I WAS thinking von Sydow played death. More proof that I know nothing about films that don’t star Bruce Campbell.