Critical End! (The Podcast) #10: Solve this with your words


This episode wants to awkwardly make out with you on the Wild Mouse. REVIEWED: Adventureland. PLUS: The boys relive fears and hairstyles of the 1980s.

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4 Responses to “Critical End! (The Podcast) #10: Solve this with your words”

  • Drew Says:

    I think Bill Hader was the guy playin the owner of the park.

  • Ryan Says:

    You are correct, sir.

  • Dave Says:

    The actor who plays the main character is Jessie Eisenberg. He also starred in ‘The Squid and the Whale’ (another 80’s period piece) with Jeff Daniels. That’s a very interesting movie as well. I recommend it. Bonus trivia: He’s Hallie Esienberg’s older brother (She’s that annoyingly cute Pepsi girl from a while back)

  • Ryan Says:

    Wait, Joe Pesci?