Critical End! (The Podcast) Episode 2: Three Dimensions of Terror


Logan and Ryan want to be born now. REVIEWED: The Unborn, My Bloody Valentine 3D. Plus listener questions (kinda).

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2 Responses to “Critical End! (The Podcast) Episode 2: Three Dimensions of Terror”

  • Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for reviewing that crappy Unborn movie. I only went to see it because my foreign friend from school wanted to see it, and I guess she thinks every single American movie is good, because I told her after it was over that it got a D on Yahoo! movies, and instead of laughing she said, “Oh, it was definitely more than a D!” She also loved The Eye. Ug. Anyway, my boyfriend Will went with us and played his gameboy during the movie. No one was mad at all about the blaring bright light coming from it, because I’m pretty sure they were all there to get a good laugh. There was much more laughter than screams. I closed my eyes during the parts where it was supposed to startle you, because it totally wasn’t worth the expenditure of adrenaline. It was fun to hear someone explain its awfulness.

  • Ryan Says:

    Not a problem. Incidentally, I also am a supporter of strict adrenaline conservation. It’s the only way we’re gonna win this war.