Jan 11 2010

Reynolds still Deadpool, Zombieland writers to provide the wisecracks.


I was pretty jazzed when Ryan Reynolds was cast as Green Lantern, but I figured it severely slimmed the chances of his reprising his role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine in a Deadpool solo flick.  But, apparently, Deadpool is still a go, and the Zombieland guys are writing it.  Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (authors of my second favorite film of the year) have demonstrated an excellent mastery of  dry wit and dark comedy, making them a solid choice for a successful adaptation of Deadpool.

And this will make Reynolds the first big name I can think of to headline as both a Marvel and DC hero (although, I guess if you count his role in the third Blade movie, he was there already.)  All we need is a competent director, maybe somebody willing to let Reynolds improvise here and there, and this thing might turn out alright.

[via /iFilm]

Jul 5 2009

Ryan Reynolds knows you’re watching him (this means you, Logan)



Ryan Reynolds has just gone from “actor whose agent says they like comics to up their geek cred” to “actual factual capes and cowls fan” in my book.

Deadpool - 4thWallX-Men Origins: Wolverine managed to waste both Deadpool as a character and Reynolds as an actor, but Reynolds has apparently insisted that the spin-off movie stick close to the source material, specifically Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking awareness that he’s in a work of fiction. Combine this with the speculation that the albino thing at the end of Wolverine was in fact a clone of Deadpool and not the real deal (meaning we can happily ignore it going forward) and we may actually get an excellent cinematic take on one of my favorite characters.

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