Aug 4 2011

What if John Landis made a movie and nobody cared?

Such seems to be the case with Landis’ Burke and Hare which now has a trailer and a small US release next month.  Let’s take a look:

Yup. Just about. Let’s hope that this trailer, which mostly consists of poop jokes, isn’t any indication of what the movie is really like. I was so hoping to be excited about this.

Jul 1 2011

Mission? Impossibly awesome

Yeah yeah.  I don’t want to ram yet another cheesy or fun or super cool trailer down your throats again today, but there’s been a bunch popping up this week.  Maybe it’s just me, but so far it seems like this year’s best summer films are coming out this fall/winter. 

Example?  The giddy thrill I got when I first saw the trailer for this December release:

Dec 28 2010

Thoughts on Paul

After seeing this, I’ll take back some of the ill words I had for it a few weeks back, but not all. 

I stand by my statement that Seth Rogan is a terrible voice casting choice.  He’s too “I’m really a formally fat Jewish guy” to sound alien.  And speaking of voice work, we live in an age where we no longer need trailers read to to us by some fancy voice guy…so why hire one just to read “Paul”?  And finally: Nick Frost was not allowed to talk in this trailer.  He charges extra for that.