Aug 25 2011

Sean Connery: The Bronze Age

Can you believe that Sir Sean Connery is 81 today?!  I’m going to celebrate by watching Dr. No (which itself turns 50 next year) and by taking my annual to pilgrimage to Tallinn, Estonia to pay my respects to their Sean Connery bronze statue.  Seriously.  In fact, here’s a photo of me on last years pilgrimage:


It was so cold!

Happy birthday, Sean!

Jan 13 2011

If No News is Good News, Than Today’s Lack of News is Actually Good News

Once again, a strange lack of interesting entertainment news has flooded the internet.  Isn’t it time for for another celebrity to die or something?  What about Gene Hackman?  He hasn’t done much these past few years.

All kidding aside (seriously Gene, we loved you in 2004’s Welcome to Mooseport), the internet is buzzing with the news that James Bond #23 is finally going into production (yay!).  This reminded me of a video some online nerd put together of all the James Bond “Gun Barrel Openings” from Dr. No to Casino Royale.  I’d forgotten that Sean Connery wore a hat in every one of his openings.  It’s also fun to notice how the theme changed over the years.

Argue if you want, but my personal fav is still 2002’s Die Another Day where Bond actually shoots down the barrel of the gun.  Now that’s my James Bond.