Jun 27 2011

Okay, ya got me, Fright Night remake


When Logan posted the first trailer, I thought it had potential. But this new trailer adds the one thing that’s guaranteed to get my money: Doctor Who shooting a stake-gun at vampires. You’d be a full not to watch this:


May 17 2011

Sleepover at Logan’s! No fatties, please.

I still remember my old VHS copy of the original Fright Night that I dragged to EVERY sleepover I went to.  We were almost never allow to watch it (boobies!), but it was always a fun/scary good time whenever we did.  Anyway, the trailer is now out for the remake, and I must say that I’m getting the same fun vibes.  Perhaps I should just skip this in theaters and throw a slumber party when the DVD comes out.  Who’s in?