Mar 31 2010

Critical End! (The Podcast) #49: Hence Begins the Circles


No, this does not mean we’ll stop talking about Chevy Chase. REVIEWED: Hot Tub Time Machine PLUS: Chevy Chase!

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Mar 24 2010

Critical End! (The Podcast) #48: Hitting the boot


Why so tense, guy?  REVIEWED: Repo Men (2010), Repo Man (1984).  PLUS: Trailer tales.

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Mar 4 2010

Funny or SNL?

I can list all sorts of reason why this clip isn’t worth watching (Just a few: New SNL needs a laugh track to make it even appear funny, I’m still waiting for them to stop promoting Obama and start making fun of him, and there’s a blatant political agenda behind this entire video), but I can list one very solid reason why it’s completely worth watching.  It begins around 3:50 if you just want to skip ahead…I’d reccomend it.

For comedy that is actually funny, please don’t forget NBC’s Community returns tonight at 8!

Feb 22 2010

Logan Secretly Running Hollywood


Vigilante justice.

We’ve discussed the possibility before, but after the success (I think) of the recent short, a new Vacation film is looking more and more likely.  This one supposedly features an adult Rusty, taking his family to Wally World one last time before it closes for good, leading me to wonder if they’ll title it Vacation 5: The Final Vacation.  The rumor is that the studio hopes to bring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo along for the ride.

Now, I love Chevy.  And I love the Vacation movies.  But my question is, would this really be a good idea for Chevy’s career?  He’s just now sneaking his way back into the public consciousness with Community.  Yes, the thing wasn’t a total failure, but if Chevy returns to one of his 80’s franchises, one that is generally known for lackluster sequels, might this end up being  a step backward in his return to comedy legend status?

I suppose it depends on two things:

  1. The writing, which is reportedly being handled by at least one writer of The Geena Davis Show, so we should be in good hands.
  2. The Rusty.  If Rusty is really taking the lead role here, as the plot rumors indicate, we need an adult actor who can fill the roll of the ever-revolving fruit of Chevy’s loins.  Ryan Reynolds comes to mind, but he’s probably too high profile for a Vacation sequel.  Plus he’ll be busy with Green Lantern and Deadpool.  Same problem with Paul Rudd.  Jason Lee is another Chevy devotee, and since My Name is Earl got canceled, he’s available.  The question is whether or not he’s bankable enough.

Of course this is all moot for me.  They’ve already got my money, as does Hot Tub Time Machine and any other Chevy comedy.  What about you guys?

[Via /Film]

Feb 15 2010

A Time Travelin’ Video Double Shot


New Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer!

And an awesomely gross BTTF parody.

Feb 4 2010

Clark’s HomeAway from Home

Remember when we warned you about Chevy’s return as Clark Griswold via a Super Bowl ad for HomeAway?  Well, here’s a sneak peak at what we can expect:

Feb 2 2010

Avatar To Win Oscars, Still Rather Hard Out Here For a Pimp

The Oscar nominations were announced today with no big surprises.  Personally, I’m glad to see District 9 up for a few awards, although Sharlto Copley really deserved a best actor nom as well…but what do I know?  If it were up to me, Chevy Chase would still be hosting and any Oscars that Quentin Tarantino won would be given to estate of Sergio Leone. 

The real news here is that your good pals Logan and Ryan will once again be giving the Oscars the ol’ CE! live blog treatment!  Some of you older fans may recall that we had a blast doing this last year.  Keep an eye on the site for handy reminders as Oscar season continues.  The Oscars will air on March 7.

Nominees for the 82nd Academy Awards. 

Jan 22 2010

Critical Hit! | The Late Night Wars of 2010


An unplanned aside after recording episode 41 of the regular podcast turned into a Critical Hit! on the Leno/Conan debacle going on at NBC.  Some day we’ll all look back on this and laugh.  Much harder than we ever did at either of their shows.

Download it.


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Meanwhile, I don’t know why we bothered to debate, since this video explains the whole situation quite clearly.

Jan 13 2010

The Late Night Opinion that Really Matters


No podcast today, kids.  Logan and I saw Daybreakers, but then had a last minute idea that will push the show to next week, but make it twice as awesome.  I can’t give you the details, but I will say it involves a movie we thought we’d never see.

Meanwhile, I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve been pretty interested in the late night debacle going on at NBC.  And you know who knows a ton about late night debacles?  Friend of the blog, Chevy Chase.  (Okay, he’s not really a “friend of the blog”, but if we all start calling him that, maybe it will catch on.)

Here’s Chevy (in a Conan wig) chatting with Jimmy Kimmel (dressed as Leno) about the situation.

Dec 17 2009

“Hot Tub Time Machine” Gets Trailer

You may recall me teasing Hot Tub Time Machine back in August in yet another Chevy Chase realted post.  Granted, the teaser didn’t have him in it, but the thought of Chevy in an R-rated film was kind of excting.  Now that the full trailer is out (with Chevy in it), I have to admit that the film does look like a lot of fun.  Heck, we even get to see John Cusack on a ski slope in the ’80’s!  Surely they’ll throw a Better Off Dead joke in there some place…

Dec 6 2009

Critical End! (The Podcast) #35: RIGGS!


A tidal wave of sharks.  REVIEWED: 2012PLUS: The holiday season begins with a Christmas RETRO PICK of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

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Nov 20 2009

A Reason to Watch Sports!

clark-griswoldI know you’re all tired of hearing me talk about Chevy Chase, but it was either this or an article about the upcoming Jackass 3D movie…

Clark Griswold is back.  Yes, you read that right.  It seems that both Chevy and Beverly D’Angelo will return to the roles in a upcoming Superbowl commercial for HomeAway.  What the hell is HomeAway?  Who cares!  Read the rest of the details here.

Meanwhile, have you heard they’re making a 3D Jackass movie?  ‘Tis true.

Oct 23 2009

Last one. I swear.

Listen, I promise I’ll stop talking about Community as soon as it becomes a huge hit and I’m forced to read intensely personal details about the entire casts life in every new issue of People.  Until then, if you ever needed a reason to watch it, I give you this nearly perfect comedy moment from the upcoming Halloween episode, featuring Chevy Chase as The Beastmaster.  Yes, you read that right.

The only thing that could even come remotely close to topping that?  Chevy and Joel insulting each other:

Thursdays at 8.  Be there.

Oct 7 2009

Chevy Chase Day 2009

chevyandjonYour pals at Critical End! would like to wish a super happy birthday to Sir Chevy Chase (we’ve knighted him in our own minds).  Can you believe the man is 66 today?!  Most people don’t know that Chevy didn’t become the household name that he is today until around his 32 birthday when he first started getting noticed on some show called NBC’s Saturday Night.  I wonder what ever happened to that forgotten gem?
Speaking of great moments in Chevy history, Ryan and I have listed our five all-time favorite Chevy films below.  In celebration of this special day, why not take a few hours to get reacquainted with one of the greatest comedians of all time?ChevyChaseold

Ryan’s Top Five Chevy Picks
1.  Caddyshack
2.  Three Amigos!
3.  Fletch
4.  National Lampoon’s Vacation
5.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Logan’s Top Five Chevy Picks
1.  Caddyshack
2.  National Lampoon’s Vacation
3.  Fletch
4.  Three Amigos!
5.  Spies Like Us

And finally…news hit the web yesterday about a rumored fifth Vacation film from New Line Cinema.  However, I couldn’t find a single website that had a source on this, so I’ve decided to hold off reporting the “details” for now.  Just be aware that this could possibly exist outside of my dreams within the next few years.  More info to come.

Happy Chevy Chase Day, kids. 

Sep 23 2009

Critical Hit! #2: Community


Chevy Chase has returned to television in Community, and Logan and Ryan are ready to blather on about it.  But in the spirit of the Critical Hit, we keep it short.

Download it.


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