Critical End! Needs Your Help!


Hello, friend! This is a message from Logan and Ryan, or as some of you may know them, Ryan and Logan. They produce a weekly podcast through Remember?

“Wait, what?”
If you don’t know, Critical End! is a show where we review movies and occasionally television shows. We’ve been doing it for awhile now and within the next month or so we’ll be releasing our 100th episode. We know. It’s a pretty big deal.  But we need your help to make it happen!

“What kind of help?” you ask incredulously…
It’s easy. For our 100th show we’re going to change it up a bit and review things that are NOT movies or TV shows, and we’d love it if all the things we review were suggested by you. Got a book you think we’d like? We’ll review it.  Want our take on your baby? She’s ugly; we’ll do 10 minutes on that at least. Wondering what we think of the abstract concept of “ennui”?  We’ll teach Logan to pronounce it and get back to you. As long as your suggestion is not a movie or TV show, we’ll add it to the pile and do our level best to cover it on the 100th episode.

“I don’t have any good suggestions, really…”
We will also accept terrible suggestions.

“Sounds great! Where do I sign?”
Just comment on this post with your suggestion(s), or use our contact form, or get in touch with Logan or Ryan in whatever other way you choose. Just keep in mind that if your suggestion is something that would take awhile to review or involve us going somewhere or making any kind of advance arrangements, you’ll have to let us know soon so we’ll have some lead time.

Thanks for your help! And thanks for listening to Critical End!  (If you don’t listen to Critical End! please disregard this thanks.)

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