The Ghost of Pods Past Cast


This has nothing to do with anything, except that I found it while searching for "late".

Hang tight, kids!  Our 50th episode spectacular is shaping up to be so spectacular that it’s going to take a bit more time to complete than we thought.  You’ll have it hot from the oven, same time next week at the latest.

To thank you for your patience, we’ve decided to give you something to listen to in the meantime.  All 15 episodes of PodCorn, our little-heard first podcast series, unaltered and with original flavor text in tact.

Sure, the reviews are old, but this show never came out on time anyway.  They’re from a simpler time (before editing), so be gentle.  But, they may serve you well if you’re jonesing for your weekly fix of whatever-the-hell.

PodCorn Episode #01 – “The Three Faces of Kong”
Feb. 3, 2006 – Logan and Ryan review Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” remake as well as the 1933 original and the cheesy 70’s version. Plus the Top 10 Animal Love Movies.

PodCorn Episode #02 – “Breast Side Gory”
Feb. 13, 2006 – Logan and Ryan try not to spoil the great ending of the Eli Roth gore-fest Hostel and the crappy ending of french thriller High Tension, plus an Oscar roundup.

PodCorn Episode #03 – “These are a Few of Our Favorite Things”
Feb. 20, 2006 – The guys practically beg you to give the horror-comedy Undead a chance, then reveal some of their all time favorite films.

PodCorn Episode #04 – “Death Takes a Holiday “
Feb. 27, 2006 – The Grim Reaper drops the ball again in the third installment of the Final Destination series. Logan and Ryan review all three for you, then chat about their favorite uses of product placement in film. PLUS: A free contest that YOU can win!

PodCorn Episode #05 – “My Favorite Martin “
Mar. 3, 2006 – From The Jerk to Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Logan and Ryan review the best and worst of Steve Martin’s catalog in preperation for his turn as the new Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther. PLUS: The contest deadline gets extended. Enter now!

PodCorn Episode #06 – “Pity in Pink “
Mar. 12, 2006 – Peter Sellers rolls in his grave and Blake Edwards rolls his wheelchair into traffic as Steve Martin desecrates their memories in The Pink Panther remake. Expect another tirade on the depressing state of modern comedy. Clive Owen somehow works his way in as well. Also, the contest winner is announced! Is it you? Yes!* (*No.)

PodCorn Episode #07 – “Sorry, Wrong Number”
Mar. 20, 2006 – Hollywood takes an obscure suspense movie from the 70’s and remakes the first 20 minutes of it in When a Stranger Calls. Hear the boys complain about this, Isaac Hayes leaving South Park, and more.

PodCorn Episode #08 – “Wild Wild Wes”
Mar. 26, 2006 – Randy Quaid challenges Ang Lee to a duel, Logan and Ryan read some awkward viewer mail, and Wes Craven just can’t seem to make a good movie. All this and a new catchphrase. Tally ho!

PodCorn Episode #09 – “The Hills are Alive “
Apr. 3, 2006 – The boys compare Wes Craven’s break out 1977 film The Hills Have Eyes with its 2006 remake by the guy who did High Tension. Plus a nice chat about Nothing.

PodCorn Episode #10 – “Silent Hill, Deadly Hill”
Apr. 22, 2006 – It’s our 10th episode (finally) and Logan and Ryan celebrate by actually disagreeing on a movie! Plus a flippant look at Inside Man and the harrowing tale of our “lost episode”.

PodCorn Episode #11 – “Shawn and Marlon’s Bogus Franchise”
May 5, 2006 – The Scary Movie films prove to be just that when the boys force their way through this failure of a comedy series. Sure makes us miss David Zucker…oh wait…

PodCorn Episode #12 – “Spies Like Us “
May 19, 2006 – Tom Cruise might be crazier than an outhouse rat, but he can still turn out a decent spy film now and again, as the PodCorn crew finds out when they put the Mission: Impossible trilogy to the test. Unfortunately, one of these things is not like the others.

PodCorn Episode #13 – “Das Upside Down Boot”
May 26, 2006 – Logan and Ryan wade through Hollywood’s three adaptations of The Poseidon Adventure while trying to stay afloat. Lots of nautical puns, plus the secret identity of “The Guter” revealed!

PodCorn Episode #14 – “Battle of the Sixes “
Jun 14, 2006 – PodCorn goes on temporary hiatus, but fear not, Logan and Ryan will return in THUNDERBALL. Until then, they leave you with their biggest retrospective yet, all five Omen films. See you soon!

PodCorn Episode #15 – “My (Least?) Favorite Year”
Jan 29, 2007 – PodCorn makes its triumphant return in a massive round up of every movie we saw in 2006 including our best and worst lists. What will 2007 hold? Hopefully some good flicks and a come-back for Guter!

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  • Todd Michael R Says:

    Hey, thanks!

    PS I just remembered the time I borrowed two DVD’s from you, and never gave them back. Was that you?

    I think it was Lawnmower Man 2 and a home video you guys shot called “Walk the Darkness: Lawnmower Man 3”