The Aquabats to Ruin Your Kids

The Aquabats have been one of my favorite bands for a long time now.  Songs like “Pizza Day”, “Magic Chicken”, and “Tiny Pants” were staples throughout my college years and continue to show up on my iPod on a daily basis.  I’d forgotten that Aquabats lead Christian Jacobs started it all with the hopes of some day scoring an Aquabats TV show.  While he managed to find success with Yo Gabba Gabba! (which features some of the “creatures” from the Aquabats stage show), his dream of a Aquabats show for kids never managed to catch on.

Until now.

After almost 15 years of trying, the official Aquabats site is reporting a 13 episode contract with HASBRO’s The Hub channel is currently being developed.  While I’ve never even heard of this station, I really hope this some how goes big.  Are kids ready for a show featuring overweight men from a ska band with fake mustaches wearing spandex and fighting crime?  The only correct answer is yes. 

Yes, they are.

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