Ugh! You Got AIDS on My Glee!

Know what? I hate this show. That's right, I said it.

Since when did not liking Glee apparently make you homophobic?  Can’t we just not like Glee because it’s not a good show?  I’m sure you heard about the whole Victoria Jackson comment a few weeks back, but it now seems that one of my favorite authors, Bret Easton Ellis, is joining her.  E! is reporting that Ellis tweeted the following last week:

I like the idea of Glee but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like I’ve stepped into a puddle of HIV?

Yeah yeah.  Think what you will, but here’s the deal: It doesn’t matter how you say it, you can’t say anything bad about Glee.  In fact, if you’re a celebrity who wants some free press, all you really need to do is say anything remotely insulting about Glee.  With this in mind, I’ve prepared the following statement which is sure to get me written up in all the supermarket mags!  Hang on, ‘cos here we go!  Ahem…

Hi, I’m Logan Lee of  That’s one word.  Guess what?  I can’t stand Glee!  Boy howdy what a terrible show!  Watching Glee reminds me of the time that I almost drank a gallon of AIDS.  For what it’s worth, I actually thought it was a bottle of Berry Blast PowerAde, but than I realized that the word “power” was no where to be found on the label, and also that the “Ade” in “PowerAde” is spelled different.  Also, it wasn’t blue which should have been the most noticeable difference.  AIDS is more of a peach color, I think.  Whatever the case may be, it reminded me of watching Glee, a show that I don’t like watching.  Oh!  Another thing that reminds me of Glee is the time when I was eight and I called a black kid a “jerk” on the playground.  Mind you, it had nothing to do with the fact that he was black, but because he was playing Leonardo, my favorite Ninja Turtle, leaving me to be Raphael, who nobody wanted to be.  What a jerk, right?  Anyway, that name once again is Logan Lee.  Did you get all of that?  Good.  Well, I’m off to rehab!

via CritEnd! reader Olivia.

One Response to “Ugh! You Got AIDS on My Glee!”

  • Olivia Says:

    Oh my goodness, Logan—I cant believe youre talking trash about Glee. Homophobe.

    That being said, Bret uses social satire and comments on taboo topics in society. He wasn’t having a stab at people with H.I.V, he was making a comment about a t.v show having the same characteristics as H.I.V, which I’m assuming was that Glee is infectious and annoying, like, I would imagine is what living with H.I.V would be like.

    That being said, Ive always hated Glee. Hate the cast, hate the songs, hate the tv show…and now Im sure Im on some hit list.