Happy Town Ratings Not So Happy

Chevy Chase drops by to deliver the "Happy Town" ratings to his old friend Sam Neill.

Catch ABC’s Happy Town last Wednesday?  That’s okay, because most of the country didn’t either.  In fact, according to UGO, only 5.2 million people tuned into Happy Town, which officially makes it the lowest rated new ABC show this year.  Ouch.

And what did those 5.2 million think?  Well, a quick glance at the IMDB message board for the show reveals lots of post subjects like “No denying it…they ARE ripping off Twin Peaks”, “Trying a little too hard to be like Twin Peaks”, and my personal favorite, “what the hell is twin peaks??”  Honestly, all of these people are likely right.  We’ve only seen the first episode of Happy Town so far, but it seems rather obvious that it’s trying to bank on the fact that most people don’t remember (or couldn’t figure out) the basic twists of Twin Peaks.

Happy Town airs tomorrow night at 10 PM EST.  Care to place any bets on how much longer it’s going to stick around?

One Response to “Happy Town Ratings Not So Happy”

  • Bird Nerd Says:

    Ha to the picture! I like Happy Town so far, but I haven’t watched Twin Peaks……yet. I have heard interesting things about it, but I guess I’ll watch Happy Town without any bias for now. (Plus, the hole in the guy’s head WAS pretty cool) and who could forget Lost’s “Mr. Friendly”-what a perfect resident of “Happy” Town!