Freedom Costs a Buck ‘o Five

Super best friends.

Last week, out of the blue, I received the following text from my sister:

Stone and Parker are going to get murdered by the Muslims.  I’m calling it.

I laughed it off at the time, but unfortunately a few days later it looks like she might be right.  In case you missed it, and I’m not sure how that’s possible as this is now national news, Matt and Trey once again tried to get an image of Muhammad on their show…and once again Comedy Central went and screwed them over.  In fact, I feel like this whole thing exploding is really Comedy Central’s fault.  Especially when you consider that Matt and Trey have done it before in the season 5 episode “Super Best Friends”.  Obviously, that episode aired before 9/11 (only by a few months), but isn’t it funny that out of all the shit that Comedy Central let’s Matt and Trey get away with, the one thing they won’t let them do is something that they already let them do?

Anyway, don’t bother looking for either episode as Comedy Central has removed both of them from their site.  I can only imagine how they plan to screw up the Season 14 DVD release as well.

2 Responses to “Freedom Costs a Buck ‘o Five”

  • Olivia Says:

    I was wondering why literarlly everything they were saying was being beeped wednesday night, and then that long speech they beeped out–that turned out to not even be about Muslims! Buuuuh.

    I think Im going to be murdered by Muslims just by looking at that picture, Logan. Thanks a lot.

    And your welcome for that text. haha.

  • Olivia Says:

    Agh, **YOURE** welcome.

    Dont tell anyone Im an English teacher.