Matt and Trey Headed to Broadway

Logan and Ryan 10 years from now.

I was scanning the world news this morning (You know, the non-movie related boring stuff), when this article caught my eye.  Yes, it appears that the forever awesome duo that is Matt Stone and Trey Parker have finally managed to get their Joseph Smith musical, The Book of Mormon, made…and it’s going to Broadway.  As some of you hardcore fans may recall, this isn’t the first time that the pair have gone out of their way to make fun of the Mormons.  There was a very memorable episode of South Park a few years back that dealt exclusively with the Latter Day Saint movement, and let’s not forget Trey’s turn as a confused Mormon in Orgazmo.  With all of this in mind, and the fact that it’s going to be on Broadway(!), I think we may have a hit on our hands…

…meanwhile, if case you missed this great article on Matt and Trey’s political beliefs from The Huffington Post a few months back, shame on you.

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