Oscar Morning After: Repost Edition


Photo ripped off from CNN.com

First, a big ol’ thanks from Logan and me for making this year’s Oscar Live Blog our best yet. The snark was flying fast and funny, from us as well as from a record number of commenters. If you spent the night with us, we certainly appreciate it and hope to see you again next year (or perhaps sooner, we’ve always talked about doing more live blog events). If you missed it, check out the full replay here.

Now let’s see how the rest of the net’s feeling this morning:

  • /Film’s got all the winners for ya.  So does everyone else, but I like their formatting the best.
  • CNN has the lowdown on the Twitter buzz.  Surprisingly, criticism was not constructive.
  • Badass Digest has an excellent article interpreting James Franco’s lazy nonchalance as a brilliant deconstructionist performance piece.
  • Finally, on the flip side of things, here are your 2010 Razzie winners.

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