Announcing the Critical End! Oscar Live Blog 2011


"Nolan didn't get the nom?!"

Oh yes. It’s back. This Sunday (5PT/8ET on ABC) James Franco and Anne Hathaway will awkwardly tag-team the Oscars, and–for the third year in a row–so will Logan and I.

How does it work you ask? Don’t worry, stupid. It’s easy. When you sit down to watch the awards, make sure you’ve got your laptop (or mobile device!) tuned to this site where you’ll find running commentary by me and Logan for the entirety of the broadcast. Check out the snazzy replays of our 2010 or 2009 events to get the idea.

Don’t have someone to enjoy the show with? Join us and post your comments! Do have someone to enjoy the show with? Ignore them and hang out with us instead.

And if you want a reminder when the live blog gets close, use the handy form below. See ya there!

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