Chevy Chase Can Roll My 20-Sided Dice Anytime

There is seriously nothing going on today, so let’s check in on that old Critical End! fallback: Community

In case you haven’t been watching, it’s back from it’s mid-season hiatus and funnier than ever.  They’re also returning the show to it’s roots, and moving away from some of the more over-the-top scenarios that they’ve been doing.  It was also great to see Chevy have more to do in last Thursday’s Pierce heavy episode.  Creator Dan Harmon is promising even more red hot Chevy action in an upcoming episode that features the entire cast visiting Pierce after he ends up in the hospital.  Oh, and Entertainment Weekly also has some great news about an upcoming (nerd alert!) Dungeons & Dragons themed ep.  Is this the best show on television yet or what, folks?

Anyway, here’s some more Community Season 2 news straight from the cast and crew themselves:

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