John Carpenter Presents John Carpenter’s New John Carpenter Film

These past few years John Carpenter has been restricted to producing horror films and writing/directing the occasional Masters of Horror episode.  He hasn’t really made a film since 2001’s John Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars, and quite frankly, that’s fine with me.

Then Wes Craven had to go and ruin it all by making Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take, a film that me, Ryan, and nearly everybody else who was tricked into seeing it agreed was one of the worst films of 2010.  However, our pal John Carpenter took one look at it and thought, “Now there’s a bank full of retirement money for old, overrated filmmakers like myself!  Kids will pay for anything!  It was true when I made John Carpenter’s Halloween H2O and it’s true now!”

Hence: John Carpenter’s The Ward.

So is it just me, or is the twist going to be that she’s the one doing all the killing?  Oh well.  At least John Carpenter isn’t attempting to take us “closer to terror than we’ve ever been before …in 3D”, much like the trailer of that Wes Craven film promised.

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