Pixar to Trick Me Into Seeing Cars 2

Yuks wanted.

You know how every Pixar film in theaters opens with a nifty little short?  I’ve always thought of it as a great throwback to film going days of old, while also enjoying the little extra bit of Pixar I’m getting for my buck.  I especially enjoyed Day & Night, the short before Toy Story 3, although the teenagers in front of me seemed to be wondering if they were in the wrong theater.

Pixar tweets are beginning to flow like crazy now that we’re getting closer to (collective moan) Cars 2, and they all seem to hint towards the same thing: The film will open with the first of several Toy Story character epilogue shorts.  While this seems like a fun thought at first (and a great way to trick people like me into seeing Cars 2), I hope that this doesn’t cheapen what I thought was a great ending to a very fun trilogy.  Then again, this is Pixar, and I’m sure they’ll bring us nothing but the finest.  Like Cars 2, for example.

The first short is called Hawaii, and will feature Barbie and Ken.  As long as they bring back favs Michael Keaton and Jodi Benson, I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

via CHUD

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