Robin Hood Steals from Self, Gives to Bored

Picture from the upcoming Robin Hood music video, "Here Comes the Wicky Wicky Wild Wild Jiggy Robin Hood"

Long story short: The Wachowski brothers siblings, Andy and LarryLana Wachowski, are in the early stages of adapting a new Robin Hood film.  The “twist”?   It’s going to be set in a modern, urban society, which I guess screams “black Robin Hood”.  Hence: Will Smith.

So let’s look at what we have: Will Smith in a modern take of the Robin Hood tale?  Sounds fine…if it were 1998.  Honestly: We really don’t need another Robin Hood film, modern, urban society or not.  Ridly Scott already released his “true” version of the story earlier this year, and while it wasn’t a terrible film, it really felt like I had seen it all before.  And Will Smith has so many movies in the works that remind us how awesome he was a few years back, it’s ridiculous.  Here’s a quick list from IMDBBad Boys 3, I, Robot 2, Independence Day 2, Men in Black 3, I Am Legend 2, and I kid you not, Independence Day 3.  

As for the Wachowski  brothers siblings, Andy and LarryLana Wachowski, I gave up on you guys gentlemen people long before the credits for The Matrix Reloaded started rolling.

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