Cary Elwes Places Remaining Foot in Peril


Here we go again!

According to /Film, everyone’s favorite dread pirate and evil tornado enthusiast has signed on for Saw VII, reprising his role from the original.

It’s easy to see this as a desperate attempt to inject some life into a series that’s been running low on good ideas lately, but the plot–which centers around a support group for Jigsaw survivors–has some potential.  If they manage to get through the whole thing without yet another hackneyed flashback starring Shawnee Smith, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

One Response to “Cary Elwes Places Remaining Foot in Peril”

  • Logan Says:

    Ryan, every Saw fan knows that Leigh Whannell talked up Cary Elwes’ return way back before the second film…then Elwes sued him and Lionsgate. Anyway, the series has been building to it for a while now, and since this is the last one, we all knew it was coming.

    Oh, and you can NEVER have too much Shawnee Smith. Didn’t you watch Becker?