Post-Thanksgiving Poster Round-Up

If you’re anything like me (sexy, funny, and loved by women the world over), you most likely spent a day, or perhaps even two, at your local cineplex this past holiday weekend.  However, while most of you dorkie nerdo’s were there to watch the usual holiday blockbuster and eat large bags of overly buttered popcorn, I was there working.  That’s right, even on the holidays, your pals at Critical End! are pulling overtime.  Anyway, here’s the lowdown on two new posters I saw.  Let me know what you dorkie nerdos think.

First up is a poster for a movie that I’m really looking forward to…Taken 2!

What do you mean this isn’t Taken 2?  Liam Neeson has a gun, for chrissake!  And look at that car!  It’s totally flying through the air all Liam Neeson style!  And you’re telling me this isn’t Taken 2?  Whatev.  Unrelated: What happened to that one side of Liam’s face?

Moving on, here’s a poster for a movie I was excited about…until I saw the poster.

I recall seeing some very awesome looking promo shots for this film.  None of them featured a badly CG’d alien.  I also recall thinking that this was going to be the one film coming out in 2011 that didn’t feature Seth Rogan in some capacity.  I’m slightly disappointed, producers of Hot Fuzz.  Unrelated: This apparently isn’t Taken 2 either.  I checked.

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Next stop: X’mas!     

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