New “Star Trek” Poster (I Think)


Yes, I am aware that most people know what Star Trek is at this point, but if you cut the title off of Paramount’s latest poster, this thing would look like an ink blot test.  That being said, am I the only one who sees a bunny wearing a silly hat?  Yeah, I thought so.

2 Responses to “New “Star Trek” Poster (I Think)”

  • Anna Mitchell Says:

    Hey guys!!

    Logan and I were talking the other day about how most of the movies coming to theaters now are either adaptations of books or re-makes of older movies. So, I had an idea that you all could do a top 5 or so list of the best book to movie, or best re-make. Or does that idea sound really lame? Good luck!

  • Logan Says:


    Lame. Sorry.

    I kid! Actually, we think that your idea is so super awesome cool that we’re going to steal it from you and make it our first ever special edition podcast! Check the main page soon for more information. Until then, our normal podcast will return in a few days with Paul Rudd’s latest, “I Love You, Man”, which isn’t actually based on a book or a remake. Hollywood still makes movies like that?