Critical End! (The Podcast) #64: Size 8 Women’s

Okay, who ate the last exorcism?  C’mon, I was saving that, you guys! Why do I even put my name on stuff if you guys are just gonna ACT LIKE ANIMALS! REVIEWED: The Last Exorcism. PLUS: DeskTalk!(TM)

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4 Responses to “Critical End! (The Podcast) #64: Size 8 Women’s”

  • Ashley Says:

    For the record: Logan sold me my penguin stuffed animal from the aquarium in 2007, Lord Freezington Cuttlebottom Lionheart.

  • Ryan Says:

    I hope Logan was individually naming each penguin as well. It’s the customer service that really earned him that award.

  • Ryan A. Says:

    Okay, movie pitch time. How about 3 priests (We’ll call them the 3 Priestkateers) perform exorcisms all over the country. Well things are going great, but as business starts to pick up they decide they need a fourth priest. Coincidentally, this rugged, darker, mysterious priest comes strolling into town and joins the team. However, all of the sudden, the exorcisms start not going so well, and people start dying. Naturally, the original 3 start to get suspicious of the new one, especially the elder of the 3 priests, and they start to get the feeling that the new guy is actually working for the devil. Well here’s the twist, it’s actually both the elder and the new guy, and the other two priest have been pawns in this tricky plot set up by the devil, who turns out to be a penguin.

  • Ryan Says:

    You had me at penguin.