Christopher Nolan Still Okay in My Book

Nolan to 3D: "Suck it!"

There was a time when I was forced to defend myself whenever I told somebody I didn’t like The Dark Knight.  It really would drive them crazy that somebody could find the latest Batman film mediocre at best.  Lucky for me, Avatar came along and now I have a whole new film to dislike that drives people crazy nuts.

Meanwhile, despite my dislike of both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I still think that Christopher Nolan is a fine director.  I was really into Following, Memento, and especially The Prestige.  And for what it’s worth, I’m one of those nerds that thinks Inception looks amazing.

One thing I like about Inception?  It’s not in 3D.  One thing I especally like about Christopher Nolan?  He was asked to do Inception in 3D and turned it down.  This gives me hope that there still may be a possibility of 3D dying a quick death and being written off as a late 2000’s fad.

Hey, I can dream, right?

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