George A. Romero’s Suckfest…of the Dead

"Oh boy! An email from Logan! Let me just read this and- WHHAAA?!"

Are you reading this, Mr. Romero?  Because you should be.     

For what it’s worth, your pals here at Critical End! were calling you a hack way back when it was considered blasphemy to do so.  However, with the release of Land of the Dead, then Diary of the Dead, it seems that most horror fans have come around to our way of thinking.

Yet you refuse to stop.

Two weeks ago saw the release of Survival of the DeadSurvival of the freakin’ dead.  Why?  Because if I’m to believe what you and others claim, you pretty much invented the modern zombie film.  That doesn’t mean you were ever the best at it.  Hell, did you see the first iPod?  That thing was bulky, only came in white, and didn’t even have a color screen!  Whatever the case may be, you’re really giving M. Night Shyamalan and Kevin Smith a run for the “Hack of the Decade” award.

Which brings me back to where I started: Are you reading this, Mr. Romero?  If so, wipe the tears off of those big windshields that you call glasses and listen up.  If you want to get me and lots of other horror loving fans back into those theater seats, all you have do is simply make this movie:

…or something with Chevy Chase in it.  That would be good too.

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