When the Apes Take Over We Can Blame James Franco

James Franco, winning the Judd Apatow award for highness.

If you thought not one, but two prequels to Alien were a wee bit unnecessary, does Hollywood have news for you!

James Franco has signed on to play a scientist who creates a group of hyper intelligent chimps that will later take over the world leading to…are you ready for this…Planet of The Apes!  Gasp!  Wait…the hell?

Yes, a prequel to 1968’s Planet of the Apes may be, by all accounts, the most pointless prequel to come from Hollywood in a very long time.  And the casting of James Franco as a monkey scientist?  Yeah, I don’t know where they come up with these things either.  This is proof that Hollywood relies a bit more on the 14-year-old girl crowd than the still-living-in-my parents-basement male crowd.

I’m sorry, but let me just say this one more time so we’re all on the same page here: Remember those crazy apes in Planet of the Apes?  Dr. James Franco made them.

via CHUD/Variety

3 Responses to “When the Apes Take Over We Can Blame James Franco”

  • Rudra Says:

    I hope Ridley Scott directs it and they cast Russell Crowe as the Dr. Abraham Zaius who donates his sperm to create Dr. Zaius from the first movie.

    And it should be gritty. Y’know, realistic. yeah. And I think September 11th should be evoked. And no matter what – make sure they dilute the message of the original AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

  • Ryan Says:

    Rudra, there’s not enough sexy monkey sex in that pitch. Back to the drawing board.

  • Dave Says:

    Is this a prequel to the original, or the remake by Tim Burton? Didn’t they already show the prequel in that with Donny Wahlberg as the monkey scientist. It sucked then, what makes them think it’ll be any better now?