Fan Appreciation Day!

Here at Critical End! we recognize the importance of the fans.  Hell, we’re fans ourselves!  Who else but Ryan would own a piece of the MST3K film set (I’ve seen it.)?  And who else but myself would own an album of songs recorded by Chevy Chase?  And who else but this guy would build a Bill Paxton pinball machine?  Whoa, wait…what?

Oh, crazy Bill Paxton pinball fan…will you ever learn?  Perhaps not, but no matter how crazy you may think he is, consider your average TRON fan.  Sure, we may all recall that nutty TRON guy from a few years back, but despite popular notion, not all TRON fans are complete losers with no girlfriends lame.  Take for instance the guy who made this amazing modern trailer to the original film.

So, today your pals here at Critical End! would like to salute you, fans!  Sure, some of you may live in your parents basement and smell slightly like old Cheetos, but to us…you’re family.*

*Please stop calling us, you smelly dorks.

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