Critical End! (The Podcast) #17: You want it WHEN?


This week, we’re pulled in two directions. REVIEWED: Drag Me to Hell, Up. PLUS: Critical End!’s first ever contest, your chance to win FABULOUS* PRIZES!

(*Prizes not actually fabulous.)

Download it.


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4 Responses to “Critical End! (The Podcast) #17: You want it WHEN?”

  • Dave Says:

    It’s a real serious………. what?!?! I don’t like that cliffhanger!

  • Ryan Says:

    We’ve been having some issues with the podcast feed. Try again now, it shouldn’t cut off. You can also try clicking the download link or listening in iTunes.

  • Evan Says:

    Every December Jews have to endure 24 hours of Christmas themed tomfoolery for a solid month. Is it too much to ask that we have one family of lovable bears to relate too? And also the Rugrats?

    I’m not surprised you hate Jews, Logan, but giving Up and Crank get the same rating? That’s inexcusable.

  • Logan Says:

    I gave “Crank” a 6 and “Up” a 7. Maybe you have me confused with Ryan. Just remember that I’m the one with the Jewfro.