Bodacious Toy to Make Lame Movie


Yes, that is a picture of me at the height of my "all brown" phase.

Here’s a fun one from back in the day: Remember Stretch Armstrong? Was he one of the coolest toys on the block or what? Next to my sisters’ Lite-Brite (which I only admitted recently to playing with when they weren’t around), Mr. Armstrong was one of the greatest things ever. What kid doesn’t want to own a toy that leaks some strange yellowish goo when it breaks? In fact, the only thing more awesome was Stretch Armstrong’s dog, Fetch Armstrong. Why? Well, for one the name alone was freakin’ genius. See how Fetch rhymes with Stretch? I hope they gave some guy over at Hasbro Toys the rest of the day off for that one. And two: He was a weiner dog! Now THAT’S a toy worth stretchin’!


The real news here is that they’re making a Stretch Armstrong movie because we all remember how great the toy was. I mean, let’s face it: That’s the only reason you bought a ticket to Transformers, wasn’t it? The answer is yes.

Full story (along with a listing of the other upcoming Hasbro films) can be found here.

One Response to “Bodacious Toy to Make Lame Movie”

  • Ryan Says:

    You beat me to posting this. This will surely be terrible, but maybe they’ll at least do something cool with a stretchy character, unlike either Fantastic Four movie.