Robot takes Obama’s advice, Starts winning the future

Did you catch the first round of Jeopardy nerds vs. Watson last night?  Boy howdy, what a showdown!  They were all like, “What is The Grapes of Wrath?” and Watson was all like “Beep boop?”

And let me just say, isn’t that Watson a cutie?  If you dig the smooth vocal stylings of that Ken Jennings and the lovable brain of that other guy, Watson is the way to go!  He’s like the two of them put together, but in extra sexy robot form!

All kidding aside, this competition may be the death of us all.  I mean, did the producers of Jeopardy not learn anything from the Terminator films?  This is how it starts, people!  Just look at those cold, unfeeling robot eyes:

Alex, Ken, and Brad posing with IBM's futuristic death machine.

Anyway, the competition continues tonight.  Be there!

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