For the Love of Stephen King

I sure do love me some Stephen King.  I own every book and have gone out of my way to see every lame movie adaptation.  As a fan, I can say that this week’s news of both a theatrical remake of The Stand and the possible casting of Javier Bardem as Roland in the Dark Tower films and TV series is all absolutely wonderful.  I have full confidence that things are looking up in the Stephen King film world.

That being said, I will shamefully admit that this trailer is my all-time favorite King film low.  The best part?  It was brought to us by (a mostly high) Stephen King himself.

Stephen King pointed at me!

One Response to “For the Love of Stephen King”

  • Dave Says:

    I’m just glad that when he points and says “I’m going to scare the hell out of you!” he’s pointing a little to the left of me.